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What I Do Currently

👋 Hey, my name is Whit Rasmussen. I'm a Private Equity Associate working for a single family investment office↗ in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Outside of the office, most of my time is focused on photography↗ and writing a weekly newsletter.


  • Triathlon - 1x IRONMAN (September 2020) more to come
  • CrossFit - train and coach at RockLife CrossFit (CF L-1 certified)
  • Freediving - i.e. diving without a tank (Fii L-1 certified)
  • Reading - always have between 1 and 4 books open at any given moment
  • Videography - mainly focused on photography, but dabble in video production


These are the organizations that I like to give to and support on a regular basis.

Cancer research, mental & physical health, as well as nature conservation are very important to me, and I think it would be incredible if you donated to these causes: Gateway for Cancer Research↗, Movember↗, and The Nature Conservancy↗.

Learning Projects

  • Coding - HTML, CSS, and JS for creative fun - Python for data analysis

Let's Connect 🤝

I'd love to hear from you. You can find me on Instagram↗, Twitter↗, and LinkedIn↗. Or you can send me an email↗.